Defend-A-Vend is a vending machine security cage that will stop vandalism. Designed to be installed either indoors or outside, the cage offers effective machine protection and unencumbered access to the machine 24 hours a day by consumers.

The cage is made from mild steel panels, attached to a 50mm box section frame, powder coated in black. The door has a 50mm steel box section frame and a thick polycarbonate fascia.

The cage can be secured to a flat floor, concrete plinth and/or a wall, anchored in each corner with bolts. The vending machine is then slid into the cage on rails and positioned as far forward as possible.

The polycarbonate face has cut out sections to allow access to the vend port, coin entry and refund, as well as the product selection area.

DEFEND A VEND LITE has been designed to offer protection to a machine that is positioned against a rear wall and where there is already a security presence on site. The polycarbonate of the front fascia is 5mm thick. The security cage uses two vending machine `T- Handle’ type locks and has two steel hinges.

THE HIGH SECURITY DEFEND A VEND offers greater protection where a vending machine has to be installed in a highly vulnerable location and where there is no protection from the building it can be anchored to. The polycarbonate of the front fascia is 8mm thick. The cage users a high security stainless steel locking system and a full length stainless steel hinge.

There are four types of vending machine cages:

Defend-A-Vend LITE for beverage machines up to 780mm wide.

Defend-A-Vend LITE for a snack machine up to 1120mm wide.

HIGH SECURITY Defend-A-Vend for a snack machine up to 1130mm wide.

HIGH SECURITY Defend-A-Vend for a Bottle vending machine up to 1280mm wide.

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