Cashless expands –

but Shrinkage remains an issue.


Cashless is starting to get a foothold in the vending industry; technological advances since the launch of cashless systems in the 1980’s now means it is much more prevalent, yet there is more cash in circulation within the UK now than ever before. So will vending machines ever be totally cashless?

So coins are here to stay for the foreseeable future. This means that vending operators will have to face up to the very real threat that a certain percentage of their profits will be lost through internal theft (or as the industry prefers to call it `shrinkage’). Yet it doesn’t have to be this way!

Safer Systems provides vending operators all over the world with the Custodian 2 self-locking coin bag, which protects coins from the coin box, through transit, to the cash counter in your office. Now, however, we also offer complete, secure, protection for your coins from the moment the coin enters the vending machine until you receive the cash in your office, as the coin is protected in the coin mechanism in addition to the coin bag, giving you even better control of your cash.

For more information, please view our Cash Handling section on this website.


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