The Custodian self-locking cash bag offers quick, simple and discreet cash protection for vending machines, locking out potential internal thieves and securing your cash.

The self-locking cash bag locks shut when removed from the funnel and features a built-in tamper-evident mechanism to warn if unauthorised access has been attempted.

Cash removal from the vending machine is quick and discreet. The bag locks shut when unclipped from the funnel. Operators simply take one bag out and secure another in its place, without the need for a key.

Safer Systems keeps a database of all key codes, ensuring only authorised personnel can order replacement keys.

Opening the bag is simple, using your key. Once the lid is removed and the cash taken out, the bag is automatically re-primed and ready for use.

But security is not the only factor to consider when looking for the ideal cash handling system for your operation - it must also be easy to use for operators.

Funnels, specifically designed to fit most vending machines, allow for the light and durable bags to slot into place – no keys required.

Custodian Cash Handling System

The Custodian cash bag is a self locking cash bag for vending machines, kiosks or any other coin operated machine.

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