The cost of protecting machines in vulnerable, yet high footfall areas, often restricts where you site machines and limits potential sales. At Safer Systems, we offer a range of solutions to meet your budget and level of protection, keeping your machines working in sites vulnerable to costly vandalism.

For maximum vending machine protection, Safer Systems offers the Defend-A-Vend, a durable vending machine cage, giving you the flexibility to place your machines in the most vulnerable, but profitable, sites - from busy retail parks to cafeteria, indoor or outdoor vending. The Defend-A-Vend is available in either the original high security option, or Defend-a-Vend LITE.

Where this level of machine protection is not required, there is the vending machine strap, a visible barrier on the door, which can be quickly removed when access to the machine is required, whilst our Anchor Kit provides a discreet, yet highly effective, means of preventing dangerous rocking and tilting of vending machines. Using simple screw-in feet, and wall brackets, the machine will not move.

A common problem with external vandalism, however, is the use of litter to jam the coin slot. Our Anti-Jam Coin Slot prevents litter being introduced into the machine, alongside coin 'fishing', LIQUID INTRUSION and other coin slot damage.

Finally, unsightly graffiti can discourage customer use of a vending machine; Eliminator graffiti remover quickly clears away transfer & fly poster glue, marker pens, aerosol spray paint, and pens on a wide range of surfaces, including metal, plastic or spray-painted surfaces.

Safer Systems offers a full installations service for our range of Vending Vandalism products, if required.

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