Are you suffering from PETTY VANDALISM?

Are your machines being ROCKED or TIPPED?

Does the refrigeration system on your vending machine FAIL?

and why can't vending machines STAY where you INSTALL THEM?


These common problems can be a real issue for vending operators, but the good news is that there is a simple, cost-effective solution - the ANCHOR KIT from Safer Systems.

The FEET can either be bolted to the floor or, where this is not an option, the rubber pads on the base of the feet, hold the machine in place, preventing movement. The feet simply screw in place of the existing feet and ensure your machine stays where you put it!

This is coupled with the wall brackets, which ensure the machine cannot be moved too close to the wall, stopping overheating and the ability to rock or tilt the machine.

For more information on these quick and simple steps to protect your machines from petty vandalism, simply visit our page on Anti-vandalism or email us on: Sales@safersystenms.co.uk.